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Apr 5, 2017

Where to start with this one?!!! Well for Star Wars we discuss the recent news about who'll be making cameo appearances in The Last Jedi and try to figure out why Take That frontman Gary Barlow would feature in a scene.

We report on the bizarre story from South Carolina about a man who managed to stop a knife attack using a toy lightsabre and briefly chat about the vintage Palitoy Jawa action figure that sold for £10,000!

Palitoy Jawa Image.

In showcase it's Wolfgang Petersen's 1985 box office bomb 'Enemy Mine' that gets run through the Wampa treatment. A commercial failure at the time of it's release, will Mark and Dave's recollections of the movie look on it more favourably?

Finally in local news we go through a list of twenty nine useful points for anybody wishing to visit Oklahoma kindly sent our way by Hot Wampa listener Joseph Campbell and talk about the nudist swimming sessions being held at Ely's swimming pool by the Mildenhall Naturist Swimming Club.

Special thanks to Hot Wampa listener Stephen Waterhouse for sending the 'Darth Vader in Love' video link our way.

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