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Feb 27, 2017

Richard Hatch the actor much loved by two different generations of Battlestar Galactica fans for his portrayal of Captain Apollo in the 1978 original incarnation and later as the political revolutionary Tom Zarek in Ronald D. Moore's reimagined Battlestar Galactica from 2004 - 2009 sadly passed away from pancreatic...

Feb 22, 2017

Life begins at forty or so they say. Here's our 40th episode in which for Star Wars news we talk about Harrison Ford's latest aviation blunder and Jimmy Vee, the new actor who will take over the role of R2-D2 after the sad passing of Kenny Baker late last year.

For our 40th showcase we focus on Christopher Nolan's...

Feb 8, 2017

Dave and Mark return and attempt to drum up more support for Hot Wampa's nomination in the 2017 Star Wars podcast awards. Don't forget to nominate us if you have not already done so here. We're asking for nominations in the 'People's Choice' category.

We briefly discuss the life and career of the late John Hurt.

In Star...