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Welcome to the official content page for the Hot Wampa podcast. Here you can play or download all of our released shows for free direct from our feed provider.

Sep 16, 2017

After two years and over fifty podcasts released we've come to the decision to close the Hot Wampa Science Fiction podcast down.

This is due to a number of different reasons that we'll explain in our closing statement audio.

Our apologies and thank you all for listening throughout the Hot Wampa podcast project, you've...

Sep 6, 2017

This one's a rich, full meal so we hope you've got the appetite to listen!

Firstly in housekeeping we address recent listener feedback, update you all on Feel the Force Day and give you insight on what it actually takes to produce the podcast, plus the upcoming Hot Wampa schedule.

In Star Wars news we skim through Force...

Aug 21, 2017

Saturday 29th of July 2017 would see the boys from Hot Wampa plus other assorted party members make the annual pilgrimage down to London Olympia for the 2017 London Film and Comic Con.


This podcast tells the story of that day from our journey there and back home again plus our appraisal and personal highlights of the...

Aug 18, 2017

Sometime between the 7th August 2017 and the 11th August 2017 thieves broke into a garage used by the organisers of Feel the Force Day conventions to store tactile props and sensory touch items for use at their events.

Sensory Touch Table Image.

Feel the Force Day conventions are welcoming to everybody but they place a specific emphasis on...

Aug 5, 2017

Our first podcast release to focus on this years London Film & Comic Con. Held at Olympia in London from the 28th - 30th July 2017. This compilation of photographs and video clips was captured on Saturday 29th July.

In addition to media captured by the Hot Wampa team this slideshow also features content courtesy of...